When it comes to watercolour, I always thought it was safer to keep the paint in their tubes than out exposed on the palette, or as far away from water absorbent paper. Such a difficult medium to tame with a brush!

That’s until I decided to take matters into my own hands and educate myself on the matter. I’m currently taking a watercolour techniques class that has made all the difference!


Poster for Armonico Consort: A Venetian Christmas

It was with great surprise and delight that I was contacted recently by a charitable organization from the UK who wanted to use one of my images to promote their upcoming Christmas concert. Their theme centered around a “Venetian” Christmas, featuring and taking inspiration from Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610.

At first I thought it was the usual spam, however the skeptic in me soon abaded when I Googled the website to find a very worthy and unique organization steeped in the performance arts. They can be found here

The artwork they requested to use was a piece I did in one of my art classes from a few years ago. It’s pencil crayon on coloured illustration board.
Not only are they using it as a back drop to their home page, but also for posters around the community. I couldn’t be happier with the final product!