I thought I would take the plunge and submit the first 500 words of a Middle Grade/YA novel I’ve been working on in my spare time. The contest is being held by Mary Kole, of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. The details of the contest can be found here . So for you writer’s out there who are interesting in putting your stories out there, here’s your chance!
Good luck to everyone who enters!

P.S. A big thank you to Mary who for first informed me of the contest.


Time to get back to some illustrating.

This piece was started (gulp), last July and regretfully admit that I haven’t touched it since tonight. How embarassing! And I’m still hovering over it undecided of what the main subject should be. I’ve set the stage, primed and ready to accept…Who, What? I don’t know – that’s the problem I’m faced with.

I’ll tell you what I do know about the story so far that I’m trying to portray in this piece – since there always has to be something said immediately through an illustration, while giving a sense of feeling that something happened just before and something will transpire afterwards. So here goes:

It’s 1930 something, in the midst of The Depression. There are the Have’s and the Have Not’s, yet the parameters of ‘poor’ and ‘wealthy’ are weaking. This scene shows the porch of a delapitated house (jagged and unfinished linework and missing pieces), the huge and vulnerable gap between rich and poor (the blank white space denoting other houses), with skyscrappers/capitalism looming in the background (solid linework and forms).

So I ask you if you were to finish this illustration, who or what (or both) takes the main stage of this composition?
Will it be a happy, hopefull scene: as simple as a little girl discovering a beautiful flower growing in the barren soil?
Will it be a sad: a mother and father totting packed suitcases and their little girl longingly looking back towards their house, exit stage right.
Will it be realistic: a father taking his young son with him as they both go in search for work, leaving behind a mother with babe in arms.
Will it have a touch of humour or fantasy? The possibilities are endless. Anything goes that would be child appropriate!
Your suggestions are much welcomed! Thanks!

sketch - Jan 25 10